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Bitcoin E-commerce: Atoms2 min read

February 4, 2021 2 min read


Bitcoin E-commerce: Atoms2 min read

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Atoms is a lifestyle company that produces high-quality everyday shoes. Launched in 2018 out of Brooklyn, NY, they started with the simple desire to make “the most comfortable shoes for everyday wear”.

The result of their journey is not only the perfect everyday shoe but an amazing community of people supporting them along the way. Atoms focus on providing the best experience through thoughtful design resonates with us here at OpenNode, and we’re proud to shine the spotlight on Atoms – a retail business using our platform to accept Bitcoin payments online. 

Why Atoms? 

You don’t see an everyday shoe like this every day. Atoms are designed for the way you live your life. The creators of Atoms – Sidra Qasim and Waqas Ali – started their journey by asking a lot of questions: Why do shoes only come in half-sizes? Why can’t shoelaces stay tied? Why do shoes become less comfortable over time? Seeking, then finding the answers to these questions led them to the result they have achieved; the perfect shoe.

A Better Way 

As an organization, Atoms is committed to creating shoes that are better in every way. From the perfect fit, to a whole new level of comfort, to shoelaces reimagined – there are no limits in the quest for perfection. Atoms is also committed to creating shoes in a way that is sustainable for the planet. Atoms doesn’t use any materials or chemicals that are harmful to the planet or its people, and their yarns are dyed without using any water.

Why OpenNode? 

Like OpenNode, Atoms cares deeply about its customers, how its products are made, and its impact on the world we live in.

For Atoms, integrating OpenNode came down to our ability to provide a highly usable solution for payments, tracking and reconciliation. Although Atoms run both a Bitcoin Node and a Lightning Node in their office, they needed a way to match orders with payments. Adding a bitcoin payment option using OpenNode’s plug-in for their Shopify store took all of 5 minutes. Using OpenNode, Atoms can delegate all bitcoin payment platform maintenance and enhancements to us.

“Partnering with OpenNode created a better customer experience by making lightning payments simple. They take care of all of the backend so we can focus on creating the most comfortable shoes in the world.” We don’t have to worry about inbound vs outbound liquidity, channel capacity, etc. Satoshi Create something amazing but our customers shouldn’t have to worry about block times, the mempool, etc. They just want their shoes. Lightning supercharges what Satoshi created.” 

Raymond Durk, Head of Experience at Atoms

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