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Bitcoin E-commerce: Primal Pastures3 min read

January 22, 2020 2 min read


Bitcoin E-commerce: Primal Pastures3 min read

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Primal Pastures, launched in 2012 in Temecula CA, started from a humble farm operation with a dream of producing premium grade, healthy and happy meats. Their product line includes pastured poultry, grass fed beef, grass fed lamb, pastured pork, pastured turkey, and pastured duck raised locally, sustainably, and responsibly, by healthy farmers for healthy families. Primal Pastures’ goal is to deliver food that we feel good about feeding ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren — food that is grown responsibly and sustainably. We are proud to have Primal Pastures using our services to become a Bitcoin merchant.

Starting on one acre of pastureland, they began with 54 free range chickens and called them “Primal chickens.” They accrued a waitlist of over 100 families before the first batch of birds were even ready, and they’ve continued to see exponential growth since. As their farm has continued to grow, they are working hard to keep up with the massive demand for local, high quality meats. Today, their small local farm project has grown into a business that now delivers nationwide and accepts Bitcoin payments through their Shopify website PrimalPastures.com. As the first Lightning powered meat delivery service in the US, they’ve received a ton of support from the Bitcoin community.

“Setting up OpenNode on our Shopify site was simple and easy, and it has been fantastic having the ability to offer a crypto payment to our customers!”

Founder Paul Greive
a Photo of Primal Chickens on the pasture at Primal Pastures

What makes their meat different? 

Primal Pastures retains the utmost respect for nature, and everything they do is aimed at creating a natural habitat for their animals to live in. For their pasture raised chickens, this means a free range experience where they are raised outside on the grass and free to soak up plenty of Vitamin D while consuming organic feed free of GMOs or soy. The sheep at Primal Pastures are both pasture raised and free range, never receiving grain throughout the entirety of their lives.

Proof Of Steak 

One of the values that Primal Pastures is most passionate about is transparency. They understand the descriptions “organic” and “all-natural” mean nothing in the food industry unless you’re able to prove it: that’s why they invite everyone to tour their farm. Similar to the values of the Bitcoin community, Primal Pastures believes you don’t need to trust the quality of their produce when you can verify it for yourself.

A photo of a tweet by Alex Bosworth of Lightning Labs supporting Primal Pastures

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