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Bitcoin Merchant Spotlight: The Skatepark Project3 min read

February 11, 2020 2 min read


Bitcoin Merchant Spotlight: The Skatepark Project3 min read

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The Skatepark Project (formerly Tony Hawk Foundation) was established in 2002 with one goal in mind, to foster lasting improvements in society with an emphasis on supporting and empowering youth. Tony was inspired by thousands of emails and letters from parents and children across the US who did not have a safe place to skate and decided to launch his foundation to support this growing populus. The Foundation supports recreational programs that are focused on building public skateparks in low-income communities across the U.S. and overseas by organizing special events, and providing grants or technical assistance.

Since 2002, The Skatepark Project has been fulfilling its mission to support the youth by providing grants to low-income communities building quality public skateparks, and providing guidance throughout the building process. To date, the Foundation has awarded over $5 million to over 500 skateparks in all 50 states and $100,000 to support the Skateistan program in Asia and Africa. Over 500 grant recipients have opened skateparks, receiving over 5 million annual visits from youth who benefit from the active lifestyle and community provided by the facilities.

Tony Hawk giving our High-fives to his loving fans

In efforts to grow the support for the Foundation in 2019, they started to accept donations in the form of Bitcoin. Tony Hawk himself has been an advocate for Bitcoin since 2013. He’ll be sharing his enthusiasm about Bitcoin as a speaker at the upcoming Bitcoin 2020 Conference.

Image of Tony Hawk as a confirmed speaker for the Bitcoin 2020 Conference.

Skateboarding and Bitcoin share counter-culture values that are driven by the communities that support them as they continue to grow. The Skatepark Project has no borders, and they believe their donations should share the same principle. By accepting Bitcoin donations using the Lightning Network, the Skatepark Project can accept donations of all sizes from anywhere in the world, instantly, and with almost no fees.

The Skatepark Project supports disadvantaged communities and at-risk youth with the creation of their facilities. They are the only national grant-writing organization focused solely on the creation and financing of free, quality public skateparks. The Foundation understands that skateparks provide a safe place for young skaters to practice the sport, and including the youth in the development of the parks helps them learn how to make positive changes to their local communities.

For Tony Hawk, skateboarding was a healthy outlet and recreational challenge that provided him with a social group of creative and like-minded individuals. Picking up the sport taught Tony how to build his confidence, how to persevere, and improved his leadership skills through mentoring skaters in their youth. The Skatepark Project works to spread these same values to the youth around the world, and we’re extremely proud to know our service helps them achieve their mission.

Are you interested in supporting The Skatepark Project? Click here to make a donation!