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Bitcoin Payments: BTC Inc.2 min read

March 5, 2019 2 min read


Bitcoin Payments: BTC Inc.2 min read

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BTC Inc. is an ecosystem of companies building an open economy and empowering creators to reorganize the world using Bitcoin. With a platform focused on providing innovation via Bitcoin all around the world, BTC Inc. faced challenges with payment processing. 

Evolving from the first dedicated information provider in the Bitcoin community into a leading voice in the industry, BTC Inc. is one of largest supporters and evangelists of Bitcoin adoption around the world. From establishing one of the largest and most trusted media companies in the space, Bitcoin Magazine, to introducing the renowned Bitcoin Conference, BTC Inc plays a key role in spurring global adoption of Bitcoin payments. 

As a global platform that interacts with individuals and businesses across the world, BTC Inc. leverages Bitcoin payments for everything from merchandise on their online store, tickets for their events,sponsorship fees for advertising brands at their venues, and supplier payments.

BTC Inc. prefers to conduct business using Bitcoin but like most traditional businesses, they need cash on hand to handle expenses that cannot be settled using Bitcoin. BTC Inc. needed a simple solution to accept Bitcoin payments and convert to cash at any time without having to worry about the price volatility of Bitcoin.  They were also looking for a provider supported by the Bitcoin community, and a partner who was an early adopter of the Lightning Network.

OpenNode’s platform offers the perfect solution for the entirety of BTC Inc.’s portfolio of businesses. By partnering with us, BTC Inc. has been able to integrate Bitcoin into many of their funds flows and have seen an improvement in the customer experience on their platform as a result. 

BTC Inc. has fully integrated OpenNode into their online merchandise store to accept instant Bitcoin payments. For their physical store at their large annual conference,  they accepted Bitcoin payments using the OpenNode payment request feature from iPads easily transformed into POS devices. BTC Inc. also used OpenNode’s Payment Template feature to create payment buttons for the collection of Bitcoin payments for conference ticket sales. Lastly, OpenNode Invoices has provided a perfect way for BTC Inc. to collect sponsorship fees through professional, itemized invoices emailed directly to sponsors.

“OpenNode powered the sale of 25%+ tickets for Bitcoin 2019 — OpenNode was easy to integrate and convenient for our conference. Over 25% of the attendees to Bitcoin2019, the world’s largest Bitcoin event, paid for their tickets in Bitcoin.”

David Bailey, BTC Inc. CEO