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When a miner mines a valid block, call it block #231765, and broadcasts it to the blockchain, the mining for block #231766 starts right away. When block #231766 gets mined, all the transactions in block #231765 are now one block deep in the blockchain. This means that the network is essentially “confirming”, or, trusting, that all those transactions are valid. For a transaction to have “one confirmation”, it needs to be in a block that is 1 block deep on the blockchain. 

As blocks get deeper and deeper down the blockchain, they become increasingly immutable. By the time a block gets 3-6 block confirmations, the contents of that block are virtually unchangeable. If one wanted to change or alter a transaction one block below the current block, theoretically they’d have to rehash and remine that block while also mining the current block, which is virtually impossible. 


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