Where to do last minute holiday shopping: Bitcoin edition5 min read

December 18, 2019 4 min read

Where to do last minute holiday shopping: Bitcoin edition5 min read

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The scent of mistletoe is in the air and Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, which can only mean one thing: the holiday season is upon us. If you’re like me, you haven’t finished your holiday shopping for all the people on your list yet and with just one week to go until the big day, anxiety is starting to set in. You may be kicking yourself for not indulging in any of the insane Cyber Monday or Black Friday deals. Or maybe you’ve been waiting for that holiday bonus so you can splurge on your loved ones this season. It’s even possible that you are a procrastinator through and through and this is just how you roll. 

Regardless of why you haven’t finished your holiday shopping, the good news is that the rise of e-commerce, expeditious delivery times, and the power of Bitcoin payments have made it easier than ever to shop at the last minute. 

So before you get back to roasting those chestnuts over an open fire, make sure you figure out where you are going to do your last-minute holiday shopping with Bitcoin. Here’s a list of merchants that accept Bitcoin with OpenNode:

Grass Hill Alpaca

grass hill alpaca homepage

Grass Hill Alpaca is our go-to outlet for quality alpaca wool socks. Alpaca wool is not only miraculously soft and cozy, but it is also naturally anti-microbial and quick-drying. The alpacas are raised and shorn by the Forster family in Massachusetts, USA. 

Fun fact: Grass Hill Alpaca are likely one of the first companies to ever accept Bitcoin. A slashdot forum post from February 2011 lists the fact that one can buy alpaca socks from Grass Hill Alpaca as an indicator that the newly-created Bitcoin has value as a currency. Check out their socks and support a Bitcoin pioneer today!


Bitcart homepage

Bitcart has deals on Amazon gift cards so good they should be illegal. Amazon gift cards for $100 only cost $85 when you purchase through Bitcart (that’s a 15% savings). And the more you spend, the better deal you get. When you buy a $500 gift card with Bitcoin, it only costs $400 (that’s a 20% savings)! If Amazon gift cards suit your style of giving, look no further than Bitcart.

Gift Off

giftoff homepage

Gift Off is the largest gift card retailer in Europe. With a gift card collection that features over 190 retailers, you’re sure to find a gift card for every person on your list.

BitDials / BitCars

bitdials homepage

BitDials is a members-only, Bitcoin-centric luxury boutique. If your holiday wish list includes Rolex watches, gold rings, choice liquors, or even exotic cars, BitDials is your one stop shop.

Primal Pastures

primal pastures homepage

This family farm in Murrieta, California applies an organic, soy free, high quality of life approach to their animals. This approach ensures that Primal Pastures can deliver the highest quality pasture raised beef, lamb, pork, chicken, eggs, and more straight to your door. Ensure that the carnivore in your life approves of Christmas dinner with an amazing rack of lamb, pork roast, or ham from Primal Pastures today!

Bull Creek Honey

bull creek honey homepage

Have an apiarist, honey lover, or bee lover on your list? Look no further than Bull Creek Honey. This US-based honey producer creates raw, unfiltered honey from the wildflowers of the Edwards Plateau in Central Texas. 

Poolin LN store

poolin.com store homepage

A bitcoin shopping list wouldn’t be complete without a bitcoin merchandise store. Chinese mining pool company Poolin has an online store that sells bitcoin-related goods and accessories. The store exclusively accepts payment through Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. Go grab the Bitcoin lover on your list some Bitcoin merch!

No matter what holiday you celebrate, on behalf of the OpenNode team I’d like to extend wishes of cheer and good fortune. May this season be joyous and bright for you and your family and friends. Happy holidays!

F Cary Snyder is a designer at OpenNode. He believes that Bitcoin is the best settlement and store of value technology on Earth. Through design and high-quality content, he believes he can help inform and bring people into the Bitcoin ecosystem.