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Bitcoin Payouts: Mazer Gaming2 min read

February 16, 2021 2 min read


Bitcoin Payouts: Mazer Gaming2 min read

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Mazer Gaming founded in 2014 by Samuel “Abra” Kijak, is an esports and entertainment organization currently competing in Pokemon Go, Super Smash Bros, Due Process, Rainbow Six Siege, and many more gaming competitions. The goal for their organization is to create championship-winning esports teams and produce high-quality entertainment for their fans around the world through their streamers and creators. With a team that has an extensive background in gaming and esports, Mazer Gaming is building a strong organization set to be a big player in the gaming industry.

We’re pleased to share that Mazer Gaming is officially part of the Bitcoin community as an OpenNode user. Mazer Gaming understands the benefits of Bitcoin and is excited to be early adopters in the gaming industry. By showing its support for Bitcoin and its community, the organization plans to inspire others in the gaming industry to lean further towards Bitcoin adoption.

As an organizer for gaming tournaments with thousands of dollars in prizes, Mazer gaming makes grand prize payouts to winners from around the world. Their organization has been through the headaches of making international payouts with traditional payment systems and now plans to use Bitcoin instead. As an OpenNode user, Mazer Gaming intends on taking full advantage of the many tools the OpenNode platform has to offer to power Bitcoin payments and Bitcoin payouts.

For their upcoming tournament, Mazer Gaming will be using OpenNode to send Bitcoin payouts to tournament winners to allow a smooth payout experience for both their tournament winners and their organization.

“We are very excited to be partnering up with OpenNode to bring Bitcoin payments and payouts to our esports tournaments and eventually the esports industry as a whole. We are strong believers in pushing out Bitcoin adoption and integration to our community and believe this is a big step towards achieving that.  

Sam Kijak, Founder of Mazer Gaming

We at OpenNode are pleased to give Mazer Gaming a shoutout for using our platform to send Bitcoin payouts and we’re eager to dive right into the gaming industry. We envision that by integrating with the Gaming industry we can exponentially increase the speed of Bitcoin adoption around the world. 

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