Non-profits accepting Bitcoin donations4 min read

February 13, 2020 3 min read


Non-profits accepting Bitcoin donations4 min read

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Charities and non-profits should be accepting Bitcoin donations using the Lightning Network. Several large non-profit organizations around the world are already accepting Bitcoin donations but have yet to upgrade their payment system to allow donations using the Lightning Network; which can improve the experience for both the charity and their donors. 

Why accept Bitcoin donations? 

Adding Bitcoin donations as a payment method is one of the most cost-efficient donor acquisition models. By simply adding support for Bitcoin, a charity can be seen as forward-thinking and instantly receive support from the Bitcoin community. Bitcoin users have a very strong urge to always show support for the new businesses and organizations that accept the decentralized digital currency. 

Instant micropayments with the Lightning Network

By accepting Bitcoin donations using the Lightning Network, organizations can accept contributions in any size from anywhere in the world, instantly. With the Lightning Network, they can accept donations as small as 1 satoshi or a fraction of a cent. With no minimum on the size of a donation, charities can accept from a much larger audience.

Non-profits currently accepting Bitcoin donations

At OpenNode, we want to encourage non-profits to join the Bitcoin ecosystem by providing $50,000 in free donation processing. Here are a few examples of non-profit organizations currently accepting Bitcoin donations using the Lightning Network.

Coalition on Homelessness San Francisco 

The Coalition on Homelessness is a non-profit based in the city of San Francisco that focuses on improving the lives of the homeless within the city. The Coalition does this by organizing homeless people and frontline service providers to create permanent solutions to homelessness while working to protect the human rights of those forced to remain on the streets. As a community-driven non-profit, the coalition is hard at work keeping thousands of San Franciscans housed while cultivating leadership and community building within the city’s homeless population. Their work goes a long way as they halt the citing, arresting, and confiscation, of the property of people whose only crime was being too poor to afford a place to live. The Coalition on Homelessness is a stellar example of a non-profit doing everything they can to support their local community.

Experience Camps 

Experience Camps are free one-week long camps that provide boys and girls whose parents, siblings, or primary caregivers, have died with a program designed to help build confidence, encourages laughter, and allows them to navigate their grief. The program combines friendship, teamwork, and athletics with other kids that share a common bond of loss. Experience Camps provides troubled youth with the opportunity to meet and connect with other kids who are dealing with similar challenges while enjoying all of the benefits of the traditional summer camp experience.

Bitcoin Venezuela 

Bitcoin Venezuela is a charity focused on accepting Bitcoin donations to provide food, shelter, and other benefits, to those suffering from a hyperinflated currency in Venezuela. With an inflation rate of over 1 million percent, the purchasing power of the Venezuelan Bolivar has severely diminished and left many in poverty. The country’s leadership has yet to declare a humanitarian emergency which makes it impossible for many of the world’s international agencies, such as UNICEF and the World Food Programme, to get involved. With that in mind, the Bitcoin for Venezuela Initiative began accepting Bitcoin donations from around the world to purchase food for those in need. Reaching soup kitchens and distribution centers across the country, their operation feeds thousands every day.

Tony Hawk Foundation 

The Tony Hawk Foundation was created by the world-famous professional skateboarder Tony Hawk with the goal of fostering long-lasting improvements to society. The Foundation provides these improvements by supporting youth in low-income communities through skateboarding programs and the creation of skateparks. By providing a safe and legal place for young skateboarders to hone their skills while including them in the project development, the foundation aims to teach the youth how to make positive changes in their local community.

OpenNode offers the easiest solution for any non-profit interested in accepting Bitcoin donations and offers $50,000 in free processing to all non-profits using our platform. Non-profits also have the option to automatically convert Bitcoin to their local currency at the time of the transaction. Getting plugged into the Bitcoin economy takes only a couple of minutes on the OpenNode platform and can immediately attract a new community of donors to support your humanitarian efforts.