Earn free Bitcoin with the OpenNode Affiliate Program3 min read

January 16, 2019 2 min read


Earn free Bitcoin with the OpenNode Affiliate Program3 min read

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Bitcoin represents the greatest technological revolution in the history of financial services, yet, it’s still widely underutilized. Only a minority understand the immense potential that Bitcoin has, so it’s time we pull our strengths together to help educate the rest of the world. OpenNode’s affiliate program is a chance to earn free Bitcoin while accelerating Bitcoin adoption. It’s a true win-win.

OpenNode is the easiest solution for anyone looking to accept Bitcoin for their business or idea. Spread the word and become a pioneer in the new frontier of digital payments.

Why should I care?

1% recurring commission

Get recurring disbursements for your referrals starting from their first received transaction. For every payment your referral receives, you’ll receive 10% of our transaction fee, even while your referral enjoys free transactions on sign-up. We’ll send payouts in Bitcoin to your desired wallet or exchange at any time you wish.

High conversions

Signing up and plugging OpenNode into a business or project takes only a few minutes. As the premier Bitcoin payment processor, we make it easy to promote and onboard your friends and favorite businesses.

$15,000 gift

Along with receiving a commission, you’ll be gifting each referral $15k of free transactions when they sign up. Trying us will be completely free and will make referring the latest payment processor that much easier.

Who to invite?

  • E-commerce businesses of any size, particularly those that run on WooCommerce, Prestashop, OpenCart, and Shopify.
  • Developers looking to leverage micro-transactions
  • Local retail businesses selling any good or service
  • Content creators trying to earn money

Invite anyone interested in monetizing and scaling their idea/business globally

Affiliate Tools

  • Affiliate panel: Track your referrals and earnings in real-time within your OpenNode account. Feel free to withdraw your profits instantly with no fees.
  • Member’s only newsletter: Monthly newsletters will keep you up-to-date on the latest product announcements and will help you optimize your results.
  • High-quality marketing materials (coming soon): Custom and high-converting banners, widgets, and copy templates will help you promote OpenNode to your network.

Who qualifies?

Anyone and everyone. We’re looking to work with our supporters to make hyperbitcoinization a reality. Membership is open to all countries. 

Spread the Bitcoin network to your closest friends & favorite businesses and earn free Bitcoin with every transaction.

Complete your referral and start earning today!

If you have any questions or feedback about the program / product, please email us at support@opennode.co

OpenNode seeks to bridge the gap between Bitcoin and the rest of the world. Our simple platform makes using Bitcoin for your online business a breeze. OpenNode offers instant exchange from Bitcoin to many world currencies. We also offer instant transactions powered by the Bitcoin Lightning Network. For more information about our offerings, be sure to check out our website at opennode.co.