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Pay by Debit & Credit Beta Release Notes 9/29/20202 min read

September 29, 2020 2 min read


Pay by Debit & Credit Beta Release Notes 9/29/20202 min read

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It’s been about two months since we began the limited release of our Debit and Credit Card/Apple Pay beta feature and we’ve got some more exciting updates to share. 

Capability Highlights

  1. Credit Card support was launched August 31st.
  2. On Tuesday September 15th, our solution provider updated their widget UX. We are testing different ways to continue to mitigate fraud while eliminating this point of friction for Payers.

Notable Pricing Developments

  • As announced at the end of August, there is no minimum fee for Payers.
  • As of September 16th, Network Fees have been eliminated for all Card/ApplePay transactions.
  • For Merchants who have Automatic Conversion enabled:
    • We have eliminated spread in the transaction flow
    • For a $100 purchase, effective cost to Payers is ~4%
  • For Merchants who do not have Automatic Conversion enabled:
    • We are updating the transaction flow to reduce FX costs
    • For a $100 purchase, this will reduce effective cost to Payers from ~9% to ~6%
    • To drive down Payer costs, we will convert USD to BTC at the time of Merchant Settlement (vs. at the time of Payment Request)


  • Higher limits for card transactions announced at the end of August remain in effect:
    • Per transaction/daily limit: $500 (Domestic Cards), $1,000 (International Cards)
    • Weekly limit: $500 (Domestic Cards), $1,000 (International Cards)
    • Yearly limit: $5,000 (Domestic Cards), $7,500 (International Cards)


  • Acceptance rates continue to exceed 50%
  • Prepaid cards are not supported
  • Formal support for Payers from the United Kingdom has been added

As we get closer to the public release of this feature, we will continue to be adding new users to test this feature and would love to have as many new beta testers as possible. 

Are you interested in taking part in the Beta testing process for our Debit card/ Apple Pay to Bitcoin payment feature? Send us an email to hello@opennode.com or send us a DM on Twitter and we’re happy to get you set up immediately! 

OpenNode Team