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Pay by Debit & Credit Beta Release Notes 8/25/20202 min read

August 25, 2020 < 1 min read


Pay by Debit & Credit Beta Release Notes 8/25/20202 min read

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At OpenNode we are always aiming to push the envelope when it comes to innovating payments through Bitcoin, and we’re happy to share our updates along the way. With the limited release of our Debit/Apple Pay feature, we’ve seen some exciting developments and learned a lot of new things to help us improve payments using Bitcoin. We would like to thank everyone for working through improvements with us and wanted to share some updates. 

Notable Developments:

  • In the last few weeks, we have seen acceptance rates consistently over 45-50%
  • We are aiming to deliver success rates consistently above 60% by end of this quarter (September 2020)
  • From what we have researched and experienced this will be best in class for the industry

Capability Highlights:

  • There is no Merchant chargeback risk
  • Supports Payers from most US states, except: NY, NH, TX, CT, HI, VT, VA.
  • Outside the US, available to users in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain and many others.
  • Support for Credit Cards is planned this week/early next week

Limits & Pricing:

  • We now support new *higher* limits for debit card transactions:
    • Per transaction/daily limit: $500 (Domestic Cards), $1,000 (International Cards)
    • Weekly limit: $500 (Domestic Cards), $1,000 (International Cards)
    • Yearly limit: $5,000 (Domestic Cards), $7,500 (International Cards)
  • There is no minimum fee

We’re still in the early stages of putting together everything for this feature to be released to the general public but we’re confident that when it’s ready, it will be one of the most valuable tools for Bitcoin merchant adoption. 

Are you interested in taking part in the limited release of our Card / Apple Pay to Bitcoin payment feature? Send us an email to hello@opennode.com or send us a direct message on Twitter and we’ll be happy to review your request! 

Thanks for your support! 

OpenNode Team