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Product Update (10/3/19): Improved Checkout4 min read

October 3, 2019 3 min read

Product Update (10/3/19): Improved Checkout4 min read

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At OpenNode, we firmly put the customer and user experience first. You all have provided excellent feedback and suggestions about every aspect of our product, even before our official launch last fall. Last update, we made some important UI/UX changes to the dashboard. Today’s update, which rolls out to all users immediately, is our latest attempt to make bitcoin transactions easier than ever. Our product team has been hard at work to create a brand new design and experience to the checkout and checkout flow, and we’re proud to release it. Here’s what we’ve added or changed:

  • A new, one-page checkout
  • Full Bitcoin address displayed on the checkout
  • Increased accessibility
  • Animations

One-page Checkout screen

Switch between On-chain and Lightning from one-page

When a checkout is generated, there is no longer a page where users select Lightning vs On-chain transactions. Now, the generated checkout goes to a single page where there is a toggle to switch between Lightning and On-chain. Each time the toggle is activated, the QR code and BTC address will change in real time.

Display Full Bitcoin Address

“Don’t trust, Verify”: an adage as old as Bitcoin. Our checkouts now display the full Bitcoin address. This helps users verify that the BTC address that they enter in their wallet directly matches the address on the checkout. 

A full Bitcoin address is now visible on all on-chain and Lightning checkouts

Increased accessibility

We’ve added two new accessibility features to our checkouts. The first is a mini help center, which helps your customers access a FAQ to help them complete the payment without having to leave the checkout. The second is a prompt, hedging users against underpaying checkouts, asking “Are you paying from an exchange?”.

Mini Help Center

Click the question mark to go to the mini help center
Mini help center questions


The most common reason that an checkout is underpaid is because users pay from an exchange. Last update, we added the underpaid threshold feature to assure that merchants don’t get underpaid. We added a prompt, “Are you paying from an exchange?” to take that assurance a step further. Now, we are educating and informing your customers to pay their checkout in full directly in the checkout experience.

If an checkout is not paid in full, a new screen will explain why and send them back to the original checkout, see below:


We’ve created delightful animations and transitions between the different stages of the payment process to leave your customers feeling satisfied, intrigued, and wanting to buy again.  

 Keep the comments coming…

We’re excited to hear how you and your customers react to the changes we make. The best way to get in contact with our team for comments and suggestions is by tagging us on Twitter @opennodeco or emailing us at support@opennode.com.

…and stay tuned!

We have more exciting developments on the roadmap that will be coming out over the next couple of weeks. If you want to stay up-to-date on all things OpenNode, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our blog. 

Note: This article was updated on 02/14/2020 to reflect the platform-wide change that makes the phrase “checkout” a replacement for the phrase “invoice”.

F Cary Snyder is a designer at OpenNode. He believes that Bitcoin is the best settlement and store of value technology on Earth. Through design and high-quality content, he believes he can help inform and bring people into the Bitcoin ecosystem.