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Spotlight: Support for Bitcoin Business with Head of Operations, Kevin Adekayode4 min read

February 25, 2020 3 min read


Spotlight: Support for Bitcoin Business with Head of Operations, Kevin Adekayode4 min read

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It’s no secret that quality customer support can make or break a business. With new technology, there is always a learning curve and friction, but with payments, there is no room for error. With that in mind, we know how important it is to understand every point of friction our users’ experience and do everything in our power to provide the best experience using our platform. As a platform powering payments for Bitcoin businesses around the world, we understand the value of helping our customers grow simultaneously with the Bitcoin network. 

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent experience for our users, not only on our platform but with every engagement through customer support. We know how confusing using Bitcoin can be, and that’s why we hold our customer support to such a high standard. The standard response time to users is immediate; the average response time is less than 5 minutes and the end solution to their problem is found within 6 hours or less. We make sure to use every channel possible to help our users, so we’re active on as many social media platforms as possible to answer support questions as well. 

Have you met, Kevin?

If you’ve ever been to our website and dropped a message into our Intercom app, you must have met Kevin! For those of you that haven’t met Kevin; yes, he’s a real person. Nobody likes talking to a bot for support and that’s why he’s always dialed in. His responses are so quick, most people don’t believe he’s real until he proves it! 

As our Head of Operations and the leader of our Customer Support team, Kevin understands virtually every problem that our customers may face on their way to accepting Bitcoin payments. As someone who interacts with our users daily, he knows the value good customer support can bring. Growing up, Kevin helped his family run multiple hospices and understood the value of offering support to those in need. 

“Growing up I always wanted to help people. I helped my family run many elder care businesses so I learned early how to be patient and listen to what the person needs.”  

Kevin Adekayode, Head of Operations & Customer Support

Dedicated Customer Support 

Just like the Bitcoin Network, our customer support team is never offline. To ensure that every user receives proper support, we assign every user an Account Manager to guarantee that every support topic is immediately addressed by someone from our team. Our Account Managers are focused on supporting our users through the use of our platform and work to increase the user’s overall level of satisfaction. With the hands-on help from one of our dedicated team members, we can help increase your revenue with Bitcoin and help grow your brand awareness as well. 

Hands-on Development support 

Developing Bitcoin payments is no easy task, and that’s why we offer hands-on support from our engineering team to ensure every support task is managed properly. Our development team is led by world-class Bitcoin developers and can assist you with setting up your Bitcoin powered application or business and resolve any issue you may have with the implementation. By offering this level of service, we can ensure that every technical issue is solved immediately, while also gathering valuable information to understand our users. We can use this information to further reduce points of friction and improve the overall experience of using our platform. 

We thrive off your support

Offering the best customer support possible comes from the engagement of our users; to better understand every topic of support we need to better understand every user, so we’re always free to chat. Providing quality support and maintaining satisfaction from our users is our goal at the end of the day, and our team doesn’t sleep until any and every problem is addressed. The real reward is knowing that we helped someone through the friction points of joining the Bitcoin network.

As the Bitcoin network continues to expand and our user base continues to grow, so will our customer support team. Our goal is to provide scalability with our customer support and we’ll be looking to add more team members to maintain excellent service.

Interested in joining our team and creating the infrastructure for the future of Bitcoin payments? Be on the lookout for new positions opening up at OpenNode in the near future!

Ryan is the Head of Marketing for OpenNode and a writer for the OpenNode Blog. He is responsible for the OpenNode marketing efforts and contributes to content creation for the OpenNode blog. With a background in marketing and communication, Ryan understands how to create marketing strategies to grow OpenNode and expand the Bitcoin Network.