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Spotlight: Making the jump to Bitcoin with Head of Growth, Julie Landrum3 min read

September 27, 2019 3 min read

Spotlight: Making the jump to Bitcoin with Head of Growth, Julie Landrum3 min read

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We’re excited to announce that Julie Landrum has joined the OpenNode team as Head of Growth. Julie will use her 20 years of experience in digital and payments to help take OpenNode, and Bitcoin in general, to the masses.

Julie’s career started at Razorfish at the height of the dot-com boom. She has since spent time at some of the largest payments companies in the world, including JP Morgan Chase, American Express, and Visa, where she was Vice President of Push Payments for Europe.

“So happy for the opportunity to work in this uncharted space. There are some great precedents from traditional payments that can be applied, and some not so great practices and constraints that can be completely avoided. Brilliant thing is that we are starting from scratch, focusing on our users, writing the rules, and blowing up friction.”

– Julie Landrum

Julie is based across the pond in Brighton, UK where she lives with the loves of her life – husband Nick and kids Mabel and Sherman – and enjoys such British pastimes as taking bracing walks in the rain, using the word “fancy” as a verb, and going to the pub.

I caught up with Julie last week to ask her some questions about why she decided to take the jump from traditional payments to the wild world of Bitcoin:

Cary Snyder:  “What drew you to Bitcoin?”

Julie Landrum: “I think what drew me to bitcoin and what pushed me towards bitcoin were equally important. Dissatisfaction with the status quo and taking the path less traveled have always been my compass. Like many misfits and dreamers, I became obsessed with the promise this technology holds, and how completely different it is from what has come before.

CS: “In your opinion: What is most fascinating about Bitcoin?”

JL: “To me, the most fascinating thing about Bitcoin is how this one incredibly genius thing can make us think about so many facets of how modern society is organized and functions: technology, security, currency, economics, value, sovereignty, privacy, freedom, etc…

Think with legacy you can get complacency, mediocrity, and advantages that are no longer earned. The world is changing, and Bitcoin provides us a really unique opportunity to create change for the better.

CS: “Where do you see the cryptocurrency industry headed?”

JL: “This is a tricky one. It’s not easy to learn and in turn educate others on the benefits of crypto. It’s also tricky to distinguish good actors from bad and balance idealism with what is going to work in practice.. So the basic challenges are novelty, complexity, and nuance. The industry also has a perception problem created by incumbents who feel threatened: governments, banks, etc. So I think it will take a lot of focus and hard work for great crypto companies to grow and attain legitimacy. But this industry attracts really smart, driven people who work like they have something to prove, because they do…and they’re up for the challenge.”

CS: “What’s your favorite part of working for a small company?”

JL: OpenNode has an amazing culture and ethos. And here are some things you won’t find printed on posters in a break room as an afterthought: Be who you are, say what you think, get real work done, and make magic.

CS: “Is it true what they say? The best of English cuisine is Chicken Vindaloo?”

JL:  Sure, but be discerning….you could end up spending the rest of your night “indaloo”

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If you want to work with us or hear more from Julie, you can drop her a line at Julie(at)OpenNode.com

F Cary Snyder is a designer at OpenNode. He believes that Bitcoin is the best settlement and store of value technology on Earth. Through design and high-quality content, he believes he can help inform and bring people into the Bitcoin ecosystem.