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The Watch is our weekly newsletter for the latest happenings around the bitcoin world. By using Bitcoin, you are a hero and you have set the stage for a more open and bright future in finance and commerce. Explore the archive of our past episodes and stay tuned for a new episode every Friday. Every episode includes trends, news, tweets, and more!

Archived Episodes

The Watch 049: Square invests $50 Million into Bitcoin

Square buys $50 Million worth of Bitcoin and Grammy winning producer Murda Beatz enters the Bitcoin rabbit hole.

The Watch 048: Jack Dorsey wants to Decentralize Twitter

Jack Dorsey shares his ideas towards decentralizing Twitter, BitWise doubles in growth, and only 2.5 Million BTC remain to be mined.

The Watch 047: Bitcoin Adoption is Growing in Africa

FastBicoins partners with Flexepin to increase Bitcoin adoption in Africa and Social Capital CEO Chamath Palihapitiya reveals the age of his Bitcoin holdings.

The Watch 046: MicroStrategy Doubles Down on Bitcoin

MicroStrategy doubling down on Bitcoin and Kraken becoming the first SPDI bank in Wyoming.

The Watch 045: Fidelity puts Jubber on the Job

Fidelity puts Peter Jubber on their Bitcoin unit, Morgan Stanley’s Chief Strategist sees a clear generational divide in asset allocation.

The Watch 044: Lightning Shines in the Bitcoin Storm

The Lightning Network continues to grow, a Swiss Canton now accepting Bitcoin for tax payments.

The Watch 043: Fidelity Launches a Bitcoin Fund

Fidelity announces the launch of their Bitcoin Fund, JP Morgan is all in on Bitcoin, not Blockchain.

The Watch 042: Bitcoin Declared a Safe Haven

Bitcoin is declared a safe haven by George Ball, Bulgarian startup Colibra offers Bitcoin compensation for delayed flights.

The Watch 041: MicroStrategy thinks Macro with Bitcoin

MicroStrategy purchases $250 Million in Bitcoin, The largest bank in South Korea now provides Custodial Bitcoin services.

The Watch 040: Stool Presidente meets the Winklevoss

Twitter erupts over Dave Portnoy meeting with the Winklevoss twins, The Lightning Network beefs up with Multi-Path Payments.

The Watch 039 : Court rules that Bitcoin is money

Fidelity Digital Assets introduces their Bitcoin Investment Thesis, a Federal court in Washington D.C. rules that Bitcoin is money.

The Watch 038: Big Banks exploring Bitcoin Custody

Tadge Dryja proposes another solution to scale Bitcoin even further, Nationally chartered Banks are exploring Bitcoin Custody.

The Watch 037: Support for Bitcoin adoption in Lebanon

South American village El Zonte has adopted Bitcoin as their local currency, Bitcoin Du Liban is helping Lebanese adopt Bitcoin

The Watch 036: Bitcoin use growing in Africa

African Bitcoin exchange Luno hits 4 Million users, Bill Miller is bullish on Bitcoin hitting $300,000.

The Watch 035: Bill Burr learns about Bitcoin from Pomp

Keeping track of your Bitcoin gains with CoinDiligent, Bill Burr learns about Bitcoin from Pomp.

The Watch 034: PayPal setting sights on Bitcoin services

PayPal setting its sights on offering Bitcoin services, Bitcoin meets the post-office down under.

The Watch 033: Ride sharing with Bitcoin payments

Singapore ride sharing app Ryde accepting Bitcoin payments, River Financial shares their data on Bitcoin adoption from the Boomer generation.

The Watch 032: Binance announces quarterly Bitcoin futures products

Human Rights Foundation commits to privacy with Bitcoin developers fund, Binance announces quarterly Bitcoin futures products.

The Watch 031: Avanti group raised $5 Million for Banking Charter

Avanti Group raises $5 Million for their Banking Charter, Russia takes the top spot for peer to peer Bitcoin trading on LocalBitcoins platform.

The Watch 030: Precious metal trading against Bitcoin

BitGo announces institutional trading services under its new BitGo Prime, Bitcoin Suisse introduces precious metal trading against Bitcoin.

The Watch 029: J.K. Rowling learns about magic internet money

J.K. Rowling learns about magic internet money, “Banking on Africa: A Bitcoin Revolution” Documentary sponsored by Luno is live on Amazon Prime.

The Watch 028: JP Morgan works with Coinbase & Gemini

Paul Tudor Jones shares his thoughts on Bitcoin and how much he allocates towards owning BTC, JPMorgan opens accounts for Coinbase & Gemini.

The Watch 027: Square leads the way in Bitcoin sales

Blockstream beefs up their Bitcoin Satellite, Square takes a first-quarter lead in Bitcoin sales.

The Watch 026: The debut of Bitcoin themed Anime

Earn Bitcoin for completing everyday activities using the sMiles app, New Bitcoin themed manga titled “Genesis Code” makes it debut in Japan.

The Watch 025: Adult Entertainment workers turn to BTC

Mario Mazzola develops and deploys Peer to Peer Bitcoin exchange in Cuba, Adult Entertainment workers turning to BTC.

The Watch 024: Oil companies & Bitcoin mining

Wyoming based insurance companies can now invest Bitcoin, Marty Bent believes Oil companies will dominate Bitcoin mining.

The Watch 023: Visa gets into Bitcoin with Fold App

Visa gets in the Fold for Bitcoin rewards with Fold App, Tim Draper shares his thoughts on how the pandemic affects Bitcoin

The Watch 022: Blockstale brings Bitcoin ATMs to Nigeria

Blockstale BTM brings the first Bitcoin ATM to Nigeria, Carl Dong working on improving Bitcoin’s “Build System”.

The Watch 021: Brave partners with Binance

Brave Partners with Binance to help bring Bitcoin exposure to users, Anita Posch takes us through her experience of Zimbabwe

The Watch 020: US Fed cuts rates to near 0%

Coinbase Chief Legal Officer appointed to OCC, Square launches Square Financial Services, US Fed cuts interest rates to near 0%

The Watch 019: Bitcoin ruled as money by French courts

French court rules Bitcoin as money, Michelle Phan the Makeup Guru, Fed Injects 1.5 Trillion into US Markets.

The Watch 018: India lifts banking curbs on Bitcoin

India lifts banking curbs on Bitcoin, HTC unveils Exodus 1 Bitcoin full-node phone, Bitcoin is a safer asset than most.

The Watch 017: Bitstamp adds support for SegWit

Caitlin Long + Blockstream = Avanti Financial Group, Casa’s protocol for Bitcoin inheritance, Bitstamp adds support for Segwit.

The Watch 016: Retirement Investing with Bitcoin

Tax Incentives on US Stocks, Retirement investing with Bitcoin, Fiat to Bitcoin payments with Apple Pay on OpenNode.

The Watch 015: Tony Hawk rides the Bitcoin wave

Peter Thiel invests in Blockfi, Tony Hawk rides the Lightning, Bitcoin Magazine reports on Bitcoin powered charity.

The Watch 014: Lightning Labs closes Series A

Lightning Labs Series A Funding, 500 Million confirmed BTC transactions, the Halvening is ~100 days away.

The Watch 013: Zap launches Fiat to LN with Strike

CME Group dominating Derivatives, Zap & Fiat to LN with Strike, StreetcredLabs Bitcoin Maps.

The Watch 012: Bitwage partners with ConsultaBit

Bitwage partners with ConsultaBit, Square Crypto working on an LN kit, Peter Schiff loses his Bitcoin.

The Watch 011: Bitmex & Bitfinex reporting LN growth

“Lightning makes no sound until it strikes”, Bitfinex & BitMEX reports on Lightning Network, Twitter adding tipping.

The Watch 010: Bitcoin hash rate hitting all-time highs

Bitcoin hash rate hit all-time highs, Taproot/Schnorr Development, Bitcoin tax laws in South Korea.

The Watch 009: The growth of Bitcoin in 2019

2019 year in review.

The Watch 008: ACINQ releases the Phoenix Wallet

ACINQ releases Phoenix Wallet, CoinFloor removes Bcash & Ethereum, Fidelity Custodial Solutions.

The Watch 007: Jack wants a decentralized Twitter

CoinMetrics & the Bitcoin economy, BTSE integrating Liquid, Jack Dorsey Decentralizing Twitter.

The Watch 006: Bitfinex adds Lightning Support

Bitfinex adding Lightning Network support, Bakkt CEO appointed to US Senate, Gift Off Gift Cards.

The Watch 005: Bitcoin mining in the US is growing

Donner Lab Bitcoin Games, PayPal CEO supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Mining expanding in the US.

The Watch 004: Alex Bosworth goes sub-atomic

Bitcoin Transactions via Radio waves, Alex Bosworth going sub-atomic, BTC Inc. the modern-day Heroes.

The Watch 003: Google getting into Banking

CME Bitcoin options, Bakkt Institutional custody, Google offering checking accounts.

The Watch 002: BitMEX security breached

BitMEX leaks emails, Bitcoin Merchant Directory Spend-a-bit, US Debt surpasses $23 Trillion.

The Watch 001: A Bitcoin Newsletter

The Genesis Watch.