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OpenNode unlocks your business with the latest and most secure technology in payments.

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Instant Settlement
Experience bitcoin with instant settlements and low fees.

Quick Invoice
Manage and accept bitcoin payments on the go for your mobile or retail business.
Custom checkout
Create payment buttons and payment request links to accept bitcoin with or without a website.
Instant Exchange
Automatically convert bitcoin to your native currency at the time of transaction, or do it manually within your dashboard at your convenience.
Explore payment models never before possible and monetize any interaction for as little as a fraction of a cent ($0.00001/transaction).
Shopping cart plugins
Plugins for the most used commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Prestashop, Opencart and many more.
Currency support
Set prices based on your region with support for 195 countries.

Currently supported: USD, EUR, MXN, GBP, BRL, AUD, VEF
The only limit is your imagination, access our API documentation and start building today.
Feeless bitcoin withdrawals
Schedule weekly on-chain bitcoin withdrawals or manually withdraw over the Lightning Network with zero fees.
Direct Bank Deposits
Quickly withdraw and receive your funds via wire transfer to your bank account.
No chargebacks
No disputes, no holds, and no battling with your processor to claim your funds.
2 factor authentication
With industry standard security practices and 2FA, your account and funds are always protected.
Active monitoring
We actively research and employ the most up-to-date bitcoin protocol developments to ensure every sale is secure.
Accounting made easy
Download a .csv file of your transaction history to keep all your finances in order.
Dedicated account management
Need extra help? We can have a team member dedicated to your business needs when they arise.
Newest bitcoin protocol implementations
Full SegWit and Lightning Network support for all transactions with the lowest network fees.
24/7 Customer Support
Contact us through our live chat or send us an e-mail so we can quickly address any issues you may have.
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