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Advertising that your business accepts Bitcoin4 min read

March 4, 2020 3 min read


Advertising that your business accepts Bitcoin4 min read

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Accepting Bitcoin payments at your business is not only an easy way to save money on payment processing fees but also an easy and cost-efficient way to grow the brand awareness of your business. If you’re looking for a new way to acquire customers, advertising that your business accepts Bitcoin is your best solution.

Businesses can use Bitcoin payments as an opportunity to position themselves as a forward-thinking brand. This new perception comes with support from the entire Bitcoin network and attracts Bitcoin users to spend their Bitcoin at your business. 

Integrating Bitcoin into your business is just the first step to growing your business with Bitcoin. To increase more traffic to your business and increase your sales, it’s important to understand all of the ways to advertise that your business accepts Bitcoin. 

Advertising that you accept Bitcoin on Social Media 

Image of Social Media platforms for advertising that you accept bitcoin

Creating social media campaigns around your business accepting Bitcoin payments is an easy way to spread brand awareness and quickly increase your sales.  

Twitter is the most popular platform for Bitcoin users. Tapping into the large (and growing) ecosystem of Bitcoin companies, influencers, and customers will generate a new marketing funnel for your business. Using select hashtags will put your posts into the same thread about the topic of the hashtag. An easy recommendation would be to use the hashtag: #Bitcoin, but there is always room for bitcoin-focused hashtags on Twitter! 

Platforms like Linkedin and Facebook also offer groups that make it easy to advertise your business. With groups, everyone in the group is focused on the specific theme of the group. So by posting ads about your business in these groups, you know you are reaching your target audience with every post. 

Advertise your business on Bitcoin merchant directories

An easy way to advertise that your business accepts Bitcoin payments is to add your business to Bitcoin merchant directories. These lists are compiled with many other businesses that are already accepting Bitcoin payments. By adding your business to the list, you’ll increase your exposure to people who will use the list as a source for finding places to spend their bitcoin. 

Here’s a list of some Bitcoin merchant directories that we highly recommend you list your business on : 

  1. Spend-a-Bit 
  2. Lightningnetworkstores.com
  3. Acceptlightning.com
  4. CoinMap
  5. BitcoinPeople.online

Create Content about Bitcoin 

To attract new people to spend Bitcoin on your website, it will benefit you to add more information about Bitcoin to your website, blog, and social media. Many people will be interested in learning about using Bitcoin as a currency and others may run into some trouble understanding how to use Bitcoin so it can definitely help to increase the content about Bitcoin coming from your brand. 

Adding this content can benefit your business in several ways. 

  • SEO: With more content about Bitcoin payments on your site, you can increase the Search Engine Optimization for your site and increase the traffic of Bitcoin users to your site. Improving SEO is definitely a long game approach but you’re sure to see results if you make the necessary changes to the content of your website. Whether it’s a simple line about paying with Bitcoin or adding an entire FAQ section about Bitcoin, every piece of content helps.
  • Less Friction: By adding more content about this new payment technology to your website and/or blog, you can maintain a smooth experience with any of your customers attempting to pay with Bitcoin. This kind of material will go a long way with both your customers and your customer support team.

Get involved with Social Media and participate in online threads

Increasing your brand awareness to large groups of people all at once is very simple and can be extremely beneficial to the growth of your business. 

Whether the post is on Reddit, Quora or Twitter; you need to jump into the thread and let your voice be heard. Posts from popular people or trending threads will receive a ton of engagement from the community and by placing your response in the thread, you can gain the eyes of every user that gets involved in the conversation. There are plenty of free channels to take advantage of when it comes to advertising that your business accepts Bitcoin and you just need to take the time to use them. 

At OpenNode, we support all of the users on our platform and we do everything that we can help our users advertise their business. Give us a shoutout online sometime and we’ll make sure we share the love and repost it!

Ryan is the Head of Marketing for OpenNode and a writer for the OpenNode Blog. He is responsible for the OpenNode marketing efforts and contributes to content creation for the OpenNode blog. With a background in marketing and communication, Ryan understands how to create marketing strategies to grow OpenNode and expand the Bitcoin Network.