Primer and OpenNode make it easy to add Bitcoin to their checkout, creating a futureproof, best-in-class checkout experience.

OpenNode billing invoice dashboard


Primer is the world’s first automation platform for payments and commerce, offering merchants the underlying infrastructure they need to build better buying experiences for their customers. For the first time, merchants can connect and control their entire payment and commerce stack, and build their ideal payment flows autonomously from scratch.

How does OpenNode work with Primer

Sign up to Primer. Then, to add OpenNode to your Primer checkout: 1. Create your OpenNode account and complete our onboarding. 2. Input your OpenNode API keys via Connections in Primer's Dashboard. 3. Point-and-click to quickly add OpenNode to Workflows. 4. Publish Primer's Universal Checkout to add the OpenNode Bitcoin button. That’s it! You’re now accepting Bitcoin payments at checkout.





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